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Enrolment services

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Our dedicated Admission and Student Engagement teams prescreen applications, nurture leads, support applications, and convert them into enrolments.


Our Visa & Compliance experts then ensure that all applications are fully supported, mitigating risks so that students arrive safely and effectively at their desired study destinations.

We can also offer your international teams visiting our markets dedicated working and meeting spaces to serve as a hub to meet with prospective families ensuring you are connected both locally and internationally.


Enrolment services

We can help educational institutions with enrolment services that range from administrative to support services assisting students with the process of enrolling in their programs. Our teams can expertly guide both students and institutions to navigate through the admissions, pre-arrival and visa complexities.


Student engagement

We host a wide range of seminars such Recruitment events, Conversion events, Pre-departure sessions, Alumni sharing sessions, Q&As, Meet & Greet, Open Houses, Interview Sessions. We also help students to get a head start before going overseas to start their studies, so when it is almost time to travel to study, we introduce campus life and provide them with information about resources and services available to them when they arrive to ensure a soft landing at their study destination and country.



We work to find suitable candidates for our institutional partners and support them through the application process. We provide information about the school and its programs, and guidance on eligibility requirements for admission and help prescreening any application to meet the institution’s entry standards.


Visa support

Our Visa & Compliance experts guide students through the visa requirements and process. We plan to ensure that before applying for a student visa, they know if there are any financial requirements, language proficiency levels, and any other specific requirements for the country they plan to study in. Every student visa application is unique and visa policies change frequently so we stay updated on any visa changes in order to make informed decisions and mitigate risks when supporting students.

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